Saturday, July 24, 2010

Across Thin Ice: Page 28 & 80

ComicCon in San Diego is this weekend! Check out Sofawolf Press at booth #1236 (in the Webcomic's area) to pick up a short sneak-peek of Across Thin Ice!

And, for anyone unable to attend ComicCon, you can click here for the preview's .pdf! :]

Art-wise, here's a couple of the pages that I finished earlier this week:

Page 28:

Page 80:

Lastly, here's a couple quick color studies I did for page 80, trying a out few different color/lighting schemes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Across Thin Ice: Page 37

Here's the finished page 37 from Across Thin Ice, text and all!

Here's a bunch of progress photos from this one.

Above, a couple small studies I painted before starting the scene, and a photo of the page, stretched, inked and with one panel finished.

I used some salt in between washes on the ice overview, which adds a nice bit of random crystallization.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pages in Progress 1

This last month has been pretty busy. A whole lot of things happening at once--but mainly, trudging along Thin Ice.

I like to work on several pages at once. On one hand, it keeps me from getting burned out painting the same thing over and over. On the other, it allows me time to step back from the work and return to it later with a fresh eye. Here's a couple of the pages I'm currently working on, all in various stages of completion:

Page 15

Page 37

Page 80

Also, here are some dog studies from the last few weeks. They are a nice way to warm-up in the mornings (along with copious amounts of coffee, of course.)