Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Headed To ComicCon, and ATI Page 4

I have a few things to update today.

Firstly, tomorrow afternoon I'm headed west for San Diego and ComicCon 2011!

I'll be running around most of the time, but you can catch me at the Sofawolf Press booth various times during the weekend. I'm more than happy to sign anything, as always! I'll be using my @screwbald Twitter for the convention, and to alert folks to when I'll be at the Sofawolf Booth in case you wanted to swing by!

So stop by Booth #1236 (in the webcomic section, that orange one, on your map!)
You can grab a copy of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice, or Dog's Days of Summer, or any other fine Sofawolf books!

Sofawolf Press' will also have the last hardcover Across Thin Ice copies, so if you wanted one and missed out at either AnthroCon or the online pre-sales, now may be your last chance to get the first print/first edition hardcover!

Also, you might catch sight of Pi running around ComicCon!

Next, here's page 4 from Across Thin Ice.

You can order the comic right now from Sofawolf Press!
Once again, for any new-comers--softcover copies of the book are $19.95, 75 full color pages, and rated for audiences 14+ for language and violence.

(You can find more information on ordering the book online right here!)

Anyhow, in other news, it's been a perfectly lazy summer. I am enjoying the brief respite to loaf about and concentrate on important things somewhere between "nothing," and "very little." Time starts to speed up again in August, however, between a bit of travel, RMFC and Feral, concluded by returning to full time work on the next Nordguard book. Not bad, I say. :]

(And, for any one interested--I'm resuming a painting from last night over on LiveStream. Stop in, if you want!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Home Again, & Across Thin Ice Available Now!

Just rolled in from the last (very long) leg of my journey home from AnthroCon! The way home was meandering to say the least, with family visits in Chicago, followed by a swing up north to stop by Sofawolf Headquarters to eat good food, relax, and sign a bajillion of the Nordguard pre-ordered hardcovers.

(Surprise Nordguard cake/wine glasses from the publishers Thursday before the book's release, & Signing ATI hardcovers at Sofawolf Press HQ after the convention, with the author of Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny, Tempe O'Kun)

First things first!
Starting today, Across Thin Ice is available to order from Sofawolf Press' website!
(They've also rolled out their fancy new website, so you should check it out!)

Click Here to get your own copy of Across Thin Ice!
Softcovers are $19.95, 75 full color pages of arctic adventure, suitable for ages 13 and up! (There's some violence and language!)

Pre-orders of the signed hardcover ATI books also hit the post office today!
I also have some Nordguard patches and vinyl stickers left over, and soon as I'm settled back in, I'll see about making them available for sale online.


AnthroCon--to be brief for now, since I have a fair bit of unpacking ahead of me-- was awesome! Dare I say... magical? ;]
As always, it was great to chat with folks, put some real faces to e-names, hang out with old friends, and become acquainted with new ones. A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, and for those who picked up a copy of Across Thin Ice! And thanks for those who attended my Graphic Novel/Comic panel on Sunday--it was a pleasure to run, and hopefully informative! :]

The rest of the summer promises to be a pretty busy one:
-I'll be at ComicCon in San Diego at the end of this month, mostly just running around in a daze from all the awesome, but you will be able to catch me at the Sofawolf Press booth to sign stuff, if you so desire! They'll have Across Thin Ice, of course, and Dog's Days of Summer and the other things I may have had a hand in, plus all their other fine and furry publications! :]

-I'll be at Rocky Mountain FurCon in the middle of August, and I may or may not wear a cape.

-Half of me will be at Camp Feral August 31st-Sept 4th, generally up to no good, and teaching a workshop or two, and absconding with all your nice Canadian things (like Coffee Crisps.) Feral's theme is a wonderful theme: B-Movies! You can find the trailer for the "It Came From Camp Feral!" here!

-As August wraps up, I'll begin my serious work on the next Nordguard book, and resume posting development of the comic on the Nordguard blog, streaming stuff, and so on. In the meanwhile, I foresee barbeque's, concerts, beerfests, random art and other fun summer-related things!

Have a great weekend!