Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nordguard on Livestream

A few people have asked me over the last couple years, so I figured I'd give this whole Livestream thing a go!
Check it out, here:

For the next few months, I'll be working pretty steadily on Across Thin Ice.
I'll be streaming off and on when I'm not working on pages rife with spoilers.

To minimize spam, I'll brush the dust off of my ol' screwbald Twitter account (here,) and finally put the thing to use. It'll update when I plan to be streaming for a fair period of time. (However, most of my waking hours are spent on art--a good portion of that painting--so you can always tune in to check if I'm up to something.)
From time to time, I will also announce when I'm streaming on the Nordguard Twitter, depending what I'm working on.

Since I'm painting and not really watching the chat, I probably won't be very responsive to questions.

From past experience, ones that come up often are:
What paint/paper do you use?
Winsor & Newton watercolors, and Arches 140lbs watercolor paper.
What ink do you use?
Speedball ink, and a small paintbrush
What is this comic thing?
Check out the rest of this blog, or

Thanks, and if you decide to tune in, I hope you enjoy! :]

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nordguard Patches! -- All Gone!

Wow, those went quicker than I thought!
I will still have some at FurtherConfusion in a couple of weeks if you missed out! :]
If there's any left over from the convention, I'll put them for sale online. I may make more down the line, but the earliest would be sometime this summer.

Thank you all very much! :]


I'd been wanting to get a Nordguard patch for myself all of last year, so I finally broke down and made it happen. I figured some other people might like one too, so now's your chance!
I don't have very many, and I'm not sure if I'll make more anytime soon. I'm putting about half of what I have online, and taking the rest with me to FurtherConfusion in a few weeks--so if you're headed to the convention, you can spare yourself the shipping and get one there! :]

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Across Thin Ice: Pg 26

Happy New Year!

My year is promising to be a busy one, and the one resolution to note would be to finish this first Nordguard book. ;]
Here's a page I completed earlier in December plus a few progress photos of it and page 28!

Across Thin Ice: Page 26

Page 28 Progress Photos: