Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wasn't Enough Underwear

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came to the Nordguard Sneak Peek Panel last Saturday at FC! Hope you enjoyed it!

And now, with FurtherConfusion behind me, it's time to hit the drawing board in earnest--literally, I suppose. I have a long stretch between now and those far distant deadlines and old obligations. This is the time (6 months or so) I've set aside to devote 100% of my waking life into the comic's completion. I'm still expecting an official release date announced this year and I believe (barring blizzards, meteor showers and spontaneous combustion) we're right on track.

That said, expect more updates. For instance, between today and yesterday, there's another 4 pages on paper and the night's still young! 40 some pages down, only another 60 some to go. I think I'll need more coffee.

The scene I'm currently working on takes place in a way station somewhere between point A and point B. The team's dressed down for camp and their last hot meal for a while...I realized midway I didn't have any "under garments" designed for Freki and Pi to be hanging out in when they aren't decked out for subzero temperatures, so I had to work those out before cleaning up the page for it's eventual painting. And, as it happens, sketching those typical warm-up scribbles derailed into drawing Nordguard chicks in their sexy turn-of-the-century military-esque undies.

Also, have some sleezy Oleg underwear while we're at it.