Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mac, Stubbs, Clancy and Markus

Aah, there really is nothing like going out to a bar to gather "reference."

Here's a panel from Page 15.

Anyway, the last few days have seen me working on a scene which takes place in Frontier's one and only bar, the Dogyard. (I have been sure to work while in various stages of intoxication to make sure I get the right atmosphere for the scene. Thorough research was called for.)

Mac, the Nordguard dispatcher for the town of Frontier is in this scene, so I had to sketch a quick turnaround for him and settle on his looks. There's also some bear studies I did as a warm up before cleaning up the panels, plus some designs for pemmican and various things on the bar shelves.

While Mac is briefing Pi and London, there's a couple reoccurring characters in the background playing darts as well as the bar tender. So I named them--Clancy, Stubbs and Markus respectively-- and did a few quick sketches of them and their clothes to keep 'em consistent.