Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pages 13 & 19

Paint has been poured!
Here a couple finished (well, that is until I see another hundred little things to tweak) pages, Page 13 and Page 19, respectively. I actually painted Page 19 a few months ago but figured I might as well put it online since the sketched page was up. (See the sketch here)

I took some progress photos of page 13. There are a ton more on, since I re-tooled the development section of the site. I've been updating it on the sly every few days with progress photos of various pages, pretty much as I go.

Page 13, In Progress:

Before starting the scene, I did a little thumbnail watercolor study of the room, and a floor diagram with the windows/characters/stuff's location.

The first photo is the virgin sketched page, which has been soaked, stretched and stapled on a board, which prevents it from wrinkling when I paint. The second photo is my ink set-up. I use a small paintbrush and Sennelier ink. Empty screw-tops off cheap wine bottles make for excellent ink holders (the wine isn't bad for artistic moral, either.)

Stretched and Started Inking:



I resisted the common sense idea of making maquette heads for the longest time. I convinced myself they would take too long and wouldn't be that useful--but, one day I needed a break from drawing and sculpted a few. They've proved to be easy and fast to make and almost indispensable when it comes to tricky lighting.

For tomorrow: another page or two and maps.