Friday, September 3, 2010

Pages in Progress 3

Steadily onward, page by page, panel by panel...bottle by bottle of wine.

Here's a couple pages in progress (which again, demonstrate the awesome power of masking fluid,) plus a few other odds and ends.

Here's a couple crops from page... urh, 50 something.
(I realized the other day my page numbering was all cattywampus due changing around a few pages. Numbers, what good are they anyway?)

Here's one of my set-ups from earlier this summer. It's nice to be fairly mobile, so I can move around the house for a little change of scenery while I work.

Lastly, I realized I never posted the reference sheet I made for the sled many, many months ago. It's been an invaluable piece of paper. Also, Freki's design is now sporting some new eye dots, since in some lighting schemes, she was difficult to tell apart from Nickel at a distance.