Sunday, December 12, 2010

Updates and Page 47

This month marked the return of my full-time work on Across Thin Ice, and here's a page to celebrate!

Across Thin Ice, pg 47

A few in-progress photos:

The end of October and most November saw me pretty busy with a few other projects, namely eleven interior illustrations and a cover for a novel and a little bit of art for the up-coming FurtherConfusion in January. I also took a little time to travel and wrap up a few loose artistic ends.

And on a side note--I mentioned it in a couple other places, but I'm proud to be a guest of honor at FurtherConfusion. As such, I'll be running a couple panels. One will be on my approach to graphic novels, taking a page from the script, through layout, sketching, inking and eventually painting. The second panel will be on watercolor techniques and a few things like stretching watercolor paper. I put a call out for any specific topics or questions folks wanted me to address in the panels a couple weeks ago, so I figured I'd mention it here, as well!
If you're going to be attending and want me to ramble about something, let me know! You can either comment here, or drop me an email!

The comic should keep me busy and out of trouble through the winter (and probably spring), and be done this summer, barring anything unforeseen.
So, December, onward into winter, knee deep in huskies we go!