Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nordguard Patches and Stickers

With AnthroCon and the release of Across Thin Ice now less than a week away, I figured it's time to post these! :]

I'll have Nordguard patches and stickers for sale at my dealer's table (G15) at AnthroCon-- I'll have a few of the regular Nordguard 3.5" patches (ones on the left there,) and in the middle, some of the "special release" patches (3" in size) to coincide with the comic's debut, and last, there's some vinyl indoor/outdoor Nordguard stickers!

Also, just a reminder--to either pick up your pre-ordered hardcover copies, or just buy a hardcover or softcover copy of Across Thin Ice, you'll want to go to Sofawolf Press' island for that! I won't have any copies for sale. Afterwards, you're welcome to come by my table if you'd like them vandalized by a signature. ;]

If you're not making it to AnthroCon or ComicCon, Across Thin Ice softcovers will go for sale online ($19.95) right here: click!

And, I suppose, if I have any left over patches and such, I'll offer them for sale when I make my way home after the convention!