Friday, June 1, 2012

Under Dark Skies!

We’re happy to officially announce the next Nordguard book—UNDER DARK SKIES!

The book will pick up right where Across Thin Ice left off, and if everything goes to plan, will be out in 2013. According to the current rough layouts, it will be a little bit longer than Across Thin Ice, and in the neighborhood of 80-85 pages.

You’ll be able to pick up a free 8 page preview of Under Dark Skies at AnthroCon in June, and of course ComicCon in San Diego, as well as all the other conventions that Sofawolf Press attends!

Here’s the cover for the preview, as well as the first two pages of the teaser!

And that brings us to…

Thank you, you guys are awesome!

It’s been really great to hear from people who’ve walked to comic book shops in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Melbourne—even Cape Town—to find Across Thin Ice on the shelves!

A huge part of that is because people have asked their local stores to carry it. Creator-owned comics are underdogs in the comic market, and it’s really difficult to make even the slightest impact. You guys have really helped however, by taking the initiative to ask for the comic, talking about it, and getting stores to keep copies on their shelves. So, thank you all so much for the support, for helping spreading the word, and your continued effort to! Every book that sells helps us to keep making more comics, and more artwork.

It’s been a pretty good first year for the Nordguard. That is to say, we can afford to eat, buy beer, and pick up enough paint and paper to launch right into work on the next book! So far this year, we have been pretty busy working on Under Dark Skies, and the summer promises the same.

Telling stories on paper with pen and paint is not just something we love to do; it’s really something we have to do. Art is such a huge part of our lives, there would almost be no life without it. Being able to work at something we love every day, and challenge ourselves with it, and create things which people enjoy is… honestly, really amazing.

Thank you guys so much for enjoying the work we put out, your kind comments, and your support.
You rock, you really do. :]

Now, it’s time to get back to the paint-and-paper mines!