Thursday, June 20, 2013

Under Dark Skies

A few people have asked over the last couple of weeks, so I figured it was time to make a general announcement!

The second Nordguard book, Under Dark Skies, won't be making its debut this summer.
Last year turned out to be a rough year in a few ways, with a lot of upsets that made it difficult to settle in and devote the time I really needed. Each page takes roughly 35-40 hours from start to finish, and there's just no rushing it in the end. In many ways, this project is a labor of love, but love doesn't always pay the bills, heal the sick, put fresh coffee on the table, or add extra days to the calendar.

It's not been forgotten, however. I've actually got a substantial part finished, or on paper. But this summer is a busy one, between three large conventions I'll be dealing at, personal obligations, other smaller art projects, and then the appropriate soul-searching and struggle it takes to get back on track. It's daunting on any day, I've got to admit. I hope to "get back on the sled" later this year, and little by little, reach the end of this very long road.