Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pages in Progress 2

It's been another busy week, painting, painting, painting.

The Masking Process:

After I've stretched and inked a page, I apply masking fluid (sometimes called 'frisket') to the speech bubbles and lines between panels (where tape won't do.)

I use Winsor&Newton Colorless Masking Fluid. I paint it on with an old junky brush, since it's guaranteed to destroy a nice one.

It's very important that your paper be dry before you apply the masking fluid, and also, that the fluid be completely dry before you begin painting. When you're done with your painting, you just peel off the mask to reveal the clean white paper below.

Like I said, it's been a busy week. I think I'm juggling eight pages currently stretched, inked and in various stages of completion. The task for today is to finish all the little details I've been putting off, calling it the super-human feat of eight pages finished in a single day, then drinking a nice bottle of wine to celebrate (rather than drinking cheap wine to survive.)

Here's a couple I'm working on from this last week, in no particular order: