Sunday, January 2, 2011

Nordguard Patches! -- All Gone!

Wow, those went quicker than I thought!
I will still have some at FurtherConfusion in a couple of weeks if you missed out! :]
If there's any left over from the convention, I'll put them for sale online. I may make more down the line, but the earliest would be sometime this summer.

Thank you all very much! :]


I'd been wanting to get a Nordguard patch for myself all of last year, so I finally broke down and made it happen. I figured some other people might like one too, so now's your chance!
I don't have very many, and I'm not sure if I'll make more anytime soon. I'm putting about half of what I have online, and taking the rest with me to FurtherConfusion in a few weeks--so if you're headed to the convention, you can spare yourself the shipping and get one there! :]

Thanks for looking!