Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nordguard in Stores/Diamond Staff Pick

I’m very happy to say Nordguard: Across Thin Ice has been chosen as an August Staff Pick by Diamond Distributors! Take a look! Diamond is the largest comic book distributor in North America—essentially, Diamond puts out a giant catalog which comic book stores/retailers order the lion’s share of their product from.
So what does that mean?

It mean’s I’ve got a small favor to ask! If you’re interested in seeing Across Thin Ice carried in stores around the country, you’ve got until the end of this month to ask your local comic shop to stock it!

Ask for "Across Thin Ice," mention that it’s a staff pick on page #318 in Diamond’s August Previews Catalog, and that you’d love to order one or a dozen copies. ;]

If you have a copy already, bring it in to show them!

So, if you read the book and liked it, or just want to get a copy for yourself without shopping online, or just want to get the word out there--I’d be really appreciative if you ask for Across Thin Ice at your local comic store, anytime between now and September 1st!

Also, if you’re over seas and want to spare yourself shipping from the US - Across Thin Ice has already started to pop up in many comic book stores online—for you UK folks, Forbidden Planet has listed it as a pre-order! Same with Archonia in Belgium! (If you don't order it, they may not stock it--so if you've had your eye on a copy but want cheaper shipping, this is the time to buy!)

Alopex from Sofawolf Press wrote a longer explanation about Diamond’s role and what you can do to help! Check it out! :]

Thank you for the moment of your time, and once again, a big thanks to everyone who’s already gotten a copy of Across Thin Ice!