Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nordguard Cast - Nickel & Geri

Nickel & Geri

In bits of my spare time, I've been working to compile a bit of a Nordguard "cast list" for the website. As soon as I have the majority of the main characters finished, I'll put it up!


Sold Out For Now!
Wow, those went a bit quicker than I thought they would! If you missed your chance to get a Nordguard patch or sticker, don't worry! I'll have some with me at RainFurrest later this month, as well as MidwestFurfest in November.

Thank you to everyone who picked one up!

And in other news-- Nordguard Patches and indoor/outdoor vinyl stickers are now for sale! Check 'em out over here! I'll only have them up for a week or until supplies run out, since after than I'm out of town again!