Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pi, and Ask the Nordguard!

Here is the artwork for the “Pi” character card we did for the Nordguard Card Game. (More information on the game can be found here!)

The original is small, about 3×4, in watercolor and acrylic.

Over the years, a couple people have asked where Pi got her name. Pi is actually a nick name (her real name comes up in the next book, actually…) There’s two stories behind how she got the nickname–one, being that she’s black and white and it’s short for piebald. The other is a slightly longer story from her days of basic training. In searching for an object buried in the snow, she stumbled and tripped, landing directly on the target. She set a new record time of 3.14, hence, the nickname “Pi.”

We’ve been getting a lot of character specific questions, usually in the chat during LiveStreams. We thought it would be fun to set up an “Ask the Nordguard” page! You can ask a character from the comic a question. When we have a bit of free time, or feel like sketching something a little less serious, we’ll respond to one or two of the questions in a quick and sketchy fashion.

So, check it out, and if you have a question for one of the characters–ask away!

Keep an eye on either @nordguard on Twitter, the Nordguard Development Blog, or the News feed for answers!