Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stray, from the Nordguard Card Game


This was a piece painted a couple of weeks ago, for the Nordguard Card Game. Specifically, it’s one of the “Stray Territory” location cards, featuring a stray Maguruq who thinks you would be tasty to eat.

While the majority of the original artwork for the game is about 3×4″, we liked the thumbnail sketch of this one enough to page it a bit larger. The original is about 8×10, watercolors and acrylic.

Here is the original sketch, and some work-in-progress photographs:

 The first step, aside from stretching the paper, is to add masking fluid to the foreground rocks/skull. (I use Winsor&Newton brand masking fluid.)

 I also recorded a video of the painting on LiveStream. I’ve sped it up and edited it a bit:

blotch on Broadcast Live Free