Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nordguard Card Game/ATI Hardcover Pre-Orders!

Sofawolf Press will be starting pre-orders for many of their summer release titles this Saturday (May 26th), starting at 10AM Central time. Included, will be a very limited pre-order for the Nordguard Card Game, and the return of Across Thin Ice hardcovers!
[Here's some information on the Nordguard Card Game, in case you missed it!]
The Nordguard Card Game is being released in two editions: Standard ($14.95) and Deluxe ($24.95). Both editions contain the full 130 card deck, which features a ton of new artwork created for the game, and 4 custom six-sided dice etched with the Nordguard logo. The Deluxe edition adds 4 extra dice (for faster game play,) a metallic Nordguard collector's coin, in a black canvas belt-pouch screen-printed with the Nordguard logo, signed and numbered by everyone who worked on the game!
Click Here for the Standard Edition Pre-Order, and Here for the Deluxe!
While the standard sets will probably be around and readily available for a while, there will be an extremely limited number of Deluxe editions. Once the Deluxe editions are gone, that is it! If you want to get your hand on one, you have the following opportunities:
#1 - Sofawolf Press will be put 1/4 of the Deluxe edition (approximately 50) up for pre-orders on Saturday, May 26th at 10AM Central Time (the Chicago time-zone.) Once they are sold out, there will be no more deluxe editions available online until after AnthroCon (see #3 below.)
#2 - Sofawolf will have 1/4 of the deluxe decks (again, about 50) for sale at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of June 15-17. As in the past, they will split these roughly into three equal groups to be released each day of the convention, when the Dealer's Room opens in the morning. (So, if you miss out one morning, you can try again the next.)
#3 - Sofawolf will have another batch available online shortly after AnthroCon. They will release these onSaturday June 23rd at 10PM Central Time. Once this batch of Deluxe sets sells out, they will not have any more available online.
#4 - Lastly, the remaining few decks will be available in very limited numbers at conventions through the year, for as long as they last. (Sofawolf will definitely have some for sale at ComicCon International in San Diego, however!)
Secondly, something I know a few people have been eagerly waiting for--Sofawolf Press has ordered a second printing of the Nordguard: Across Thin Ice hard cover books! They sold out really fast last time around, so if you missed out last year, now's your chance!
Once again, pre-orders will begin this Saturday (May 26th) at 10AM Central! Check out the Sofawolf Press site for the full pre-order announcement, and to see all the new summer titles available for pre-order, such asHeat #9Flight of the Godkin Griffin, and The Blood Jaguar!
With that said, I'm back to my short vacation on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere!